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jueves, 17 de junio de 2010


Your health problem!

*Try to buy some healthy snaks like granola bars or bring a friut
*Drink a glass of juice instead of soda
*Eat more dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), fresh vegetables (raw or cooked)
In conclusion try to get your 3 meals a day are low in calories to learn more consultation with a nutritionist

Conversacion Unit 10!

Nayara: Hello!
Alexander: Hi Nayara. How are you?
Nayara: I'm fine and you! How do you feel?
Alexander: I feel very bad.
Nayara: Oh! the present is a doctor Dougletsy.
Dougletsy: Nice to me you Alexander.
Alexander: Nice to me you too Dougletsy.
Dougletsy: Tell me alexander. What's wrong?
Alexander: I have a fever and I'm really hurts my head.
Dougletsy: Well my friend, drink some tea with aspirin and sleep.
Alexander: Thank you my friend.
Nayara: Bye alexander get well soon. Let's go Dougletsy.

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

H E R O E S!

What's a hero?
For me a hero is someone admired and recognized for their deeds and virtues or perform a heroic action and you know who these people are admired for me I did this:

Hero from the past:

Name. Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar y Palacios better known as Simon Bolivar.

Activities. Conce
ives and initiates the process of independence will lead to the formation of South American nations, souch as Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Why is my hero?.
The past is my hero because despite Terner a very hard childhood to the death of their parents fought so was strong and continued his life to be so considered by all "EL LIBERTADOR SIMON BOLIVAR"

Hero from the modern days:

Name. Paul David Hewson better known as Bono.

Activities. Musician and Member of the rock band U2.

Why is my hero?.
He is my hero because he has a noble heart, is a fighter and constant as it currently is committed to humanitarian causes in Africa and is in favor of canceling the debt of third world countries, among others recognized work consecutive nominations for his Nobel Prize for Peace(Premio Nobel de la Paz) in 2005 and 2006.

Personal Hero:

Name. Detsy Elena de Villalobos Blanco.

Activities. She is my mon.

Why is my hero?.
Just to know that I brought into this world and I consider you my hero but more than that also brought into this world before me, a special person, my brother, although no longer with us, you were always with all time giving all your affection and love for that and much more you as a fighter, enterprising, steadfast and strong.
Thanks for it my mom I love you!

Local Hero:

Names. Julio y Maria

Activities. Cooks.

Why they are my heroes?.
They are my heroes are strong and dedicated to his work as bakers, stopping every day early to prepare bread at the bakery.

Hero from the movies:

Names. Fantastic Four.

Activities. Superhero.

Why they are my heroes?.
Well .. there is only one reason why I consider them my heroes because they have everything a superhero movie I wish to have.
-Elasticity: as Mr. Fantastic (Señor fantastico)
-Strength and Stamina: as The Thing (La cosa)
-Control of fire in your body that involves flying: Human Torch (Antorcha Humana)
-Become invisible and create force fields also invisible: Invisible Woman (Mujer Invisible)

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

A bit more about me Part 3_My dreams

My dreams are many but the main one is graduate. After graduation I plan to do a PhD or a post-graduate of my career. Also plan to marry and have two children a boy and a girl and of course continue with the dances and the job I have now with my mom and dad.